Protein Engineering


The Division of Protein Engineering has been dedicated to developing important protein-based biomaterials through the use of artificial proteins and artificial peptides. For the creation of artificial proteins, we are using our proprietary technology, MolCraft, which is a novel type of in vitro protein evolution system based on a hierarchical approach.Original Web SiteNew Window


Our goals include i) creating artificial proteins that interface between biology and the material sciences, ii) developing a novel carrier for DDS, and iii) developing novel types of nano-devices based on artificial proteins. For more detailes, see our HP.

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Kiyotaka Shiba (Chief)
3-8-31 Ariake, Koto, Tokyo 135-8550
Tel: +81-3-3520-0111(Extension 5382)
Fax: +81-3 -3570-0461

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