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Asian Pacific Cancer Conference

On September 22, 1973, delegates from 14 Asian countries, UICC, WHO and IARC assembled in Kashikojima,Ise-Shima, Japan and unanimously accepted Professor Kunio Oota’s proposal to launch a biennial Asian Cancer Conference (ACC). The 1st ACC was subsequently held in Tokyo and an organization designated the “Asian Federation of Organizations for Cancer Research and Control (AFOCC) was established as the host body of the Conference. Professor Oota was secretary general for the 9th International Cancer Congress and recognized the strong desire of Asian scientists to have appropriate opportunity to exchange information on cancer problems among Asian countries and made efforts for its realization. The Conference was assumed to be a regional UICC activity in Asia. The idea to have a regional cancer conference in various areas around the world was prevailing in the UICC in those days.

The ACC was renamed Asian Pacific Cancer Conference (APCC) at the 4th ACC in Bombay.

The 20th APCC was held in Tsukuba, Japan in November 2009.