Japan National Committee for UICC(UICC-Japan)

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The beginning

Japan has been a funding member of UICC since 1933 but it became a full member paying the National Subscription (NS) in 1948. For the first 16 years, the Science Council of Japan paid the NS as the representative of Japan but when there was a steep rise in the NSs in early 1960s and Japan was asked to donate 10,000 USD instead of the former 1,000 USD, the Science Council could not meet the request. Professor Tomizo Yoshida, who was organizing the 9th UICC International Cancer Congress that was held in Tokyo in 1966, asked 13 cancer-related organizations in Japan to become full UICC members and help raise funds to cover the NS by making donations according to their financial capacity. This was how the Japan National Committee for UICC (UICC-Japan) was established and the same way of making the annual contribution is still being maintained today. The amount of the annual NS assigned to Japan kept increasing because of Japan’s economic prosperity and the UICC’s policy of applying the WHO scale of assigning the NS in proportion to the GDP. Thus, UICC-Japan donated close to 200,000 USD annually as its NS during the 1980s and the early 1990s. This was almost 20% of all the NS funds contributed to UICC.