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The decision to maintain UICC-Japan

UICC-Japan seriously considered whether to disband or not when UICC made drastic policy changes in 2004 by shifting its core activity from “Cancer Research Promotion” to “Cancer Prevention and Patient Care” and also by changing the governance from “National- based” to “Individual Member-based“, thus abolishing the NS.

UICC-Japan finally decided to maintain the structure because: 1) The Y-Y Fellowship is an important UICC activity and the prestige of UICC-Japan is necessary for fund-raising; 2) UICC-Japan is also necessary to promote understanding and active participation of Japanese members in the new UICC policy. Since the majority of Japanese members were research-oriented organizations, there was a fear that many of them would leave UICC if they were left to make decisions as to whether or not to continue to be members and to make donations at the same level.