Use of Donations

Examples of the Use of Donations

Your donations are used for the following activities to improve cancer research and treatment.

Advancement of Basic Research in Research Institutes

Elucidation of the mechanisms of cancer at the genetic level to overcoming cancer, etc.

Translational Research between Research Institutes and the Hospital

Medical Devices

PET-CT, a device in which PET scanner and CT scanner are integrated, can simultaneously perform these two types of scans in a short time. PET scan enables us to monitor the state of cancer cell activity and CT scan enables to clearly visualize the shape of organs. By the Superimposition of these two images, more accurate diagnosis can be realized.
Linac (a linear accelerator) is a device which delivers radiation beams such as X-rays and electron beams for cancer treatment. Lesions inside the body are irradiated to selectively destroy cancer cells or to inhibit cancer progression. Minimizing the damage to normal tissues and leaving their functions intact, treatment by Linac results in reducing the burden on the body during treatment.
Da Vinci
Da Vinci is a surgery support robot developed in the US. During the surgery, robotic arms with surgical instruments and an endoscope are inserted into a small hole made in the patient's abdomen, and a doctor operates the robotic arm in the operation box while watching the endoscope monitor. The surgery using Da Vinci made it possible to decrease the amount of bleeding, reduce the postoperative pain, and improve the functional preservation.

Ambulatory Therapy Center with the Largest Number of Beds in Japan

Outpatient chemotherapy with anticancer drugs

Public Lectures for Patients

To fulfill the social responsibility as a cancer treatment/research institution, we hold public lectures for the better understanding of cancer.

Ganken Ariake Sukoyaka Juku
"What is colorectal cancer?
Cutting-edge prevention and treatment"

Ganken Ariake Sukoyaka Juku
"Advances in lung cancer treatment"

Volunteer Activities

Organizing the books in the hospital bookshelves, guiding outpatients, holding hospital concerts, etc.

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