Realizing individualized cancer treatment through patient genome sequencing

Recent Publications

Ito, M., Hayashi, K., Minamisawa, T., Homma, S., Koido, S. and Shiba, K.
Encryption of agonistic motifs for TLR4 into artificial antigens augmented the maturation of antigen-presenting cells.
PLoS One, 12, e0188934 (2017)
Yoshida, M., Hibino, K., Yamamoto, S., Matsumura, S., Yajima, Y. and Shiba, K.
Preferential capture of EpCAM-expressing extracellular vesicles on solid surfaces coated with an aptamer-conjugated zwitterionic polymer.
Biotechnol Bioeng, in press (2017)
Tanaka, M., Yoshimoto, T. and Nakamura, T.
A double-edged sword: the world according to Capicua in cancer.
Cancer Sci., in press (2017)
Osako, T., Iwase, T., Ushijima, M., Yonekura, R., Ohno, S. and Akiyama, F.
A new molecular-based lymph node staging classification determines the prognosis of breast cancer patients.
Br. J. Cancer., in press (2017)
Takemoto, A., Miyata, K. and Fujita, N.
Platelet-activating factor podoplanin: from discovery to drug development.
Cancer and metastasis reviews, 36, 225-234 (2017)