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Suenaga, M., Schirripa, M., Cao, S., Zhang, W., Yang, D., Cremolini, C., Lonardi, S., Bergamo, F., Ning, Y., Yamamoto, N., Okazaki, S., Berger, M. D., Miyamoto, Y., Gopez, R., Barzi, A., Yamaguchi, T., Stinzing, S., Heinemann, V., Loupakis, F., Falcone, A. and Lenz, H. J.
Potential role of PIN1 genotypes in predicting benefit from oxaliplatin-based and irinotecan-based treatment in patients with metastatic colorectal cance.
Pharmacogenomics J., in press (2018)
Ito, K., Ogawa, Y., Yokota, K., Matsumura, S., Minamisawa, T., Suga, K., Shiba, K., Kimura, Y., Hirano-Iwata, A., Takamura, Y. and Ogino, T.
Host Cell Prediction of Exosomes Using Morphological Features on Solid Surfaces Analyzed by Machine Learning.
J Phys Chem B, in press (2018)
Sakamoto, K., Katayama, R., Asaka, R., Sakata, S., Baba, S., Nakasone, H., Takakuwa, E., Yamazaki, R., Takizawa, J., Maeda, T., Narita, M., Izutsu, K., Kanda, Y., Ohshima, K. and Takeuchi, K.
Recurrent 8q24 rearrangement in blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm: association with immunoblastoid cytomorphology, MYC expression, and drug response.
Leukemia, in press (2018)
Takahashi, M. and Hirota, T.
Dynamics of sister chromatids through the cell cycle: Together and apart.
Journal of Cell Biology, in press (2018)
Gong, B., Oh-Hara, T., Fujita, N. and Katayama, R.
3D culture system containing gellan gum restores oncogene dependence in ROS1 rearrangements non-small cell lung cancer.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., in press (2018)
Uchibori, K., Inase, N., Nishio, M., Fujita, N. and Katayama, R.
Identification of mutation accumulation as resistance mechanism emerging in first-line osimertinib treatment
J. Thorac. Oncol., in press (2018)
Tara Bahadur, K. C., Suga, K., Isoshima, T., Aigaki, T., Ito, Y., Shiba, K. and Uzawa, T.
Wash-free and selective imaging of epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM) expressing cells with fluorogenic peptide ligands.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., in press (2018)
Dobashi, A., Togashi, Y., Tanaka, N., Yokoyama, M., Tsuyama, N., Baba, S., Mori, S., Hatake, K., Yamaguchi, T., Noda, T. and Takeuchi, K.
TP53 and OSBPL10 alterations in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: prognostic markers identified via exome analysis of cases with extreme prognosis.
Oncotarget, 9, 19555-19568 (2018)
Takahashi, A., Loo, T. M., Okada, R., Kamachi, F., Watanabe, Y., Wakita, M., Watanabe, S., Kawamoto, S., Miyata, K., Barber, G. N., Ohtani, N. and Hara, E.
Downregulation of cytoplasmic DNases is implicated in cytoplasmic DNA accumulation and SASP in senescent cells.
Nat. Commun., 9, 1249 (2018)
Kokubun, K., Matsumura, S., Yudasaka, M., Iijima, S. and Shiba, K.
Immobilization of a carbon nanomaterial-based localized drug release system using a bispecific material-binding peptide.
Int. J. Nanomedicine, 2018, 1643-1652 (2018)

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