About Ariake

Update : 2016-01-28

About Ariake

Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research moved all research, hospital and related facilities to the Ariake district located in Tokyo’s Waterfront Subcenter on March 1, 2005. The hospital is easily accessible from major airports and is close to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics site as well. It is in the ideal location with many hotels nearby for family and friends to stay in.

General Information on Japan

[Capital] Tokyo
[Language] Japanese
[Currency] Japanese Yen (JPY, \)
[International Telephone Number] 81

Time Differences

Shown below is a list of time differences between Japan and other major international cities.

Asia & Oceania
Sydney +1hr
Seoul 0hr
Hong Kong -1hr
Beijing -1hr
Singapore -1hr
Bangkok -2hrs
Jakarta -2hrs
The U SA
Sao Pauro -12hrs
Toronto -14hrs
New York -14hrs
Chicago -15hrs
Mexico City -15hrs
Los Angles -17hrs
Moscow -6hrs
Frankfurt -8hrs
Geneva -8hrs
Paris -8hrs
London -9hrs

National Holidays

Date Name of the Holiday
January 1st New Year’s Holiday
The 2nd Monday of January Coming-of-Age Day
February 11th National Foundation Day
March 20th Vernal Equinox Day
April 29th Showa Day
May 3rd Constitution Memorial Day
May 4th Greenery Day
May 5th Children's Day
The 3rd Monday of July Marine Day
August 11th Mountain Day
The 3rd Monday of September Respect for the Aged Day
September 22rd Autumnal Equinox Day
The 2nd Monday of October Health and Sports Day
November 3rd Culture Day
November 23rd Labor Thanksgiving Day
December 23rd The Emperor's Birthday

Main Airport

The airports close to The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR is Narita International AirportNew Window and Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)New Window.
About the access from these airports to our hospital, please have a look at access map.

Average Temperature & Precipitation

Month Mean
Temperature (C)
Temperature (F)
Mean Total Rainfall
Mean Relative Humidity (%)
Daily Maximum Daily Minimum Daily Maximum Daily Minimum
Jan 9.9 2.7 49.8 36.8 59.6 45
Feb 10.8 3.2 51.4 37.7 58.2 48
Mar 14.0 6.0 57.2 42.8 104.0 51
Apr 19.0 10.9 66.2 51.7 139.8 57
May 23.1 15.8 73.6 60.4 154.9 64
Jun 26.2 19.7 79.2 67.5 155.1 70
Jul 30.3 23.7 86.6 74.7 150.3 71
Aug 31.7 25.0 89.0 76.9 167.9 69
Sep 28.2 21.7 82.7 71.1 200.3 69
Oct 22.3 16.0 72.2 60.9 252.0 65
Nov 17.1 10.3 62.8 50.6 100.5 58
Dec 12.3 5.2 54.1 41.4 68.9 50


Source: Japan Meteorological Agency

Views from Our Hospital

  • Ariake as New Waterfront Subcenter

  • View of Rainbow Bridge from
    The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR

  • View of Tokyo Tower from
    The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR

To check the facilities near The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR, please visit Facilities near the Hospital page.

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