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Innovative Cancer Therapeutics Development Project


The project involves research to develop novel diagnostics and therapeutics to treat intractable cancer patients with metastasis, relapse and chemotherapy-resistance, based on molecular profiling of genomic information. Taking advantage relying on next-generation sequencing technology, we sequence whole genome/ exome/ RNA derived from a cancer sample. The resultant genomic information is to be analyzed with bioinformatics and biostatistics, and then linked with clinical information so as to identify novel biomarkers and molecular targets toward personalized medicine for the intractable cancers.


  1. Identification of Biomarkers and Molecular Targets for Intractable Cancer
  2. Generation of Cancer Genomics Database with Clinical Information
  3. Establishment of Analytical Methodologies for Omics Study with Next-generation Sequencing Informatics
  4. Application of Genomics to Personalized Medicine
  5. Analysis of Breast Cancer Genome and Epigenome



Seiichi Mori(Project Leader)
Ariake 3-8-31, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8550
Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research
Genome Center
Project for Development of Innovative Research on Career Therapeutics

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