About The Cancer Chemotherapy Center



The Cancer Chemotherapy Center has been established in 1973 as a part of the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research under the strong leadership of the President, Dr. TOMIZO YOSHIDA. He was convinced that the chemotherapy would be finally the best therapy for cancer patients since cancer cells are spread all over the body. The concept of our Center was to standardize globally the Japanese compound screening for discovery of anti-cancer drugs. This basic concept was well recognized by the US-Japan cooperative program on cancer research and supported timely by various Japanese organizations including the Nippon Foundation, Japan Racing Association and some others. The Center was set up functionally independent from the Cancer Institute according to Dr. T. YOSHIDA´s thought that "the research on cancer chemotherapy should be kept separated from the basic cancer research". But sadly enough, Dr. T. YOSHIDA has passed away just on the previous day of the opening ceremony of the Cancer Chemotherapy Center.

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