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About The Cancer Chemotherapy Center


The Cancer Chemotherapy Center aims at implementation of basic and clinical research on cancer chemotherapy forwarding to innovation of the better anti-cancer drugs and also to development of new cancer therapy. Under these flags, we are concentrating on the basic cancer biology and new anti-cancer drug development with full use of advanced information and technologies. Practical topics are:

  • Basic research on identification of molecular targets unique to cancer cells and the elucidation of their molecular mechanisms,
  • Identification and development of compounds or biologics targeting the molecules identified in basic research,
  • And carrying translation research for clinical development intimately collaborating with clinical study group in Cancer Institute and Cancer Institute Hospital.
  • Furthermore, as an only one Japanese organization devoting exclusively for cancer chemotherapy, we are playing roles in supporting the promotion of Japanese activities in cancer chemotherapy and also its globalization through organizing “JFCR-International Symposium on Cancer Chemotherapy” and “The Anti-Tumor Drug Development Forum” periodically. Operational support for “The Japanese Association for Molecular Target Therapy of Cancer” is also one of our roles.


The 20th JFCR-International Symposium on Cancer Chemotherapy
Date:December 9-10, 2015
Venue: Miraikan, Tokyo

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