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Director's Address

Director's Address

Welcome to our website. This is Naoya Fujita, Director of Cancer Chemotherapy Center, Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research. I'd like to say a few words introducing you our Center. Cancer treatments have gradually improved during past decades. However, we are still facing problems to surmount in prevention and therapy of cancers. Recent advances in molecular-based understanding of cancer cell proliferation and survival have provided the rationale for the molecular targeted therapy to control cancer. We, belonging to Cancer Chemotherapy Center, are therefore trying to identify genes critical and essential for the survival of cancer cells and further trying to develop compounds or antibodies to modulate the identified functions. Practically, we are focusing on metastasis, senescence of cancer cells, tumor microenvironment, signal transduction, and drug resistance. Our strength is to have close collaboration with clinical groups in our Center and in Cancer Institute and Cancer Institute Hospital.

In general, molecular targeted drugs can not exhibit sufficient curative effects in clinical applications. To understand how the tumor cells exhibit resistance to the targeted drugs, we are trying to explore the resistant mechanisms using a laboratory methods of developing resistance and to examine tumor specimens from relapsed patients in collaboration with clinical groups.

Our Center is opened to any collaboration with academia and industry. If you have interest in our skills, tools, or information, please visit the page of each Division in our website. I hope you will have more understanding on the basic and clinical research of cancers in our Center and support us for further innovation of better drug development.

Naoya Fujita, Ph.D.
Center Director
The Cancer Chemotherapy Center
Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research

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