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Kumegawa, K., Yang, L., Miyata, K. and Maruyama, R.
FOXD1 is associated with poor outcome and maintains tumor-promoting enhancer-gene programs in basal-like breast cancer.
Front. Oncol., 13, 1156111 (2023)
Tanaka, M., Homme, M., Teramura, Y., Kumegawa, K., Yamazaki, Y., Yamashita, K., Osato, M., Maruyama, R. and Nakamura, T.
HEY::NCOA2 expression modulates chondrogenic differentiation and induces mesenchymal chondrosarcoma in mice.
JCI insight, 8, e160279 (2023)
Tanaka, M., Chuaychob, S., Homme, M., Yamazaki, Y., Lyu, R., Yamashita, K., Ae, K., Matsumoto, S., Kumegawa, K., Maruyama, R., Qu, W., Miyagi, Y., Yokokawa, R. and Nakamura, T.
ASPSCR1::TFE3 orchestrates the angiogenic program of alveolar soft part sarcoma.
Nat. Commun., 14, 1957 (2023)
Kamakura, N., Takahashi, M. and Jo, M.
The toxicity of dysregulated Plk1 activity revealed by its suppressor mutations.
Genes Cells, in press (2023)
Fujiwara, H., Nagayama, S., Kawachi, H., Nakano, K., Shimizu, Y., Katayama, R., Yao, R., Komai, Y., Hiyoshi, Y., Mukai, T., Yamaguchi, T., Nagasaki, T., Akiyoshi, T. and Fukunaga, Y.
A Case of Laparoscopically Resected Rectal Neuroendocrine Carcinoma and Its Renal Metastasis with a Potential Sensitivity to Inhibitors of FGFR and the Bcl Family.
Journal of Surgery, 8, 1759 (2023)
Takahashi, M., Okamoto, Y., Kato, Y., Shirahama, H., Tsukahara, S., Sugimoto, Y. and Tomida, A.
Activating mutations in EGFR and PI3K promote ATF4 induction for NSCLC cell survival during amino acid deprivation.
Heliyon, in press (2023)
Tanaka, M. and Nakamura, T.
Targeting epigenetic aberrations of sarcoma in CRISPR era.
Genes Chromosomes Cancer, in press (2023)
Yamashita, K., Baba, S., Togashi, Y., Dobashi, A., Ae, K., Matsumoto, S., Tanaka, M., Nakamura, T. and Takeuchi, K.
Clinicopathologic and genetic characterization of angiofibroma of soft tissue: a study of 12 cases including two cases with AHRR::NCOA3 gene fusion.
Histopathology, in press (2023)
Isoyama, S., Tamaki, N., Noguchi, Y., Okamura, M., Yoshimatsu, Y., Kondo, T., Suzuki, T., Yaguchi, S. and Dan, S.
Subtype-selective induction of apoptosis in translocation-related sarcoma cells induced by PUMA and BIM upon treatment with pan-PI3K inhibitors.
Cell Death Dis., 14, 169 (2023)
Saeki, S., Kumegawa, K., Takahashi, Y., Yang, L., Osako, T., Yasen, M., Otsuji, K., Miyata, K., Yamakawa, K., Suzuka, J., Sakimoto, Y., Ozaki, Y., Takano, T., Sano, T., Noda, T., Ohno, S., Yao, R., Ueno, T. and Maruyama, R.
Transcriptomic intratumor heterogeneity of breast cancer patient-derived organoids may reflect the unique biological features of the tumor of origin.
Breast Cancer Res., 25, 21 (2023)

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