Message from the Chief

Our division is concentrating to do Clinical Chemotherapy including clinical trials and basic research using clinical samples and novel drugs. Dr. Matsusaka is interested in CTCs, CECs and CEP in anti-angiogenis treatments. Dr. Takahashi is interested in bone metastasis, especially basic mechanism about osteoclast and TGF beta family. Dr. Ito is concentrating the Clinical Chemotherapy about breast cancer and we have a nice cooperation education program for six months. Our integrated education program for chemotherapy in breast cancer is an amazing one and attractive for Clinical Chemotherapyers. Dr. Terui is interested in ubiquitin-SUMO pathway and apoptosis induced by monoclonal antibody in lymphoma cells. Dr. Hatake is interested in drug resistance about novel molecular targeting drugs including tyrosine kinases and monoclonal antibodies. Dr. Mishima is an expert who enjoys his imaging analysis for tumor cells, especially clinical samples including CTC, CEC, CEp and cancer stem cell like cancer spheroid complex. He is developing novel technology for small samples, especially in a flesh state.

Chief Kiyohiko Hatake

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