Kiyotaka Shiba


Cancer Institute, Protein Engineering Chief


3-8-31 Ariake, Koto, Tokyo 135-8550
Tel:03-3520-0111(Extension 5382)
Fax:03 -3570-0461

Education & Professional Career

1986 Ph. D from Kyoto University (Japan)
1986 Research Associate at Jikei Medical School (Japan)
1987 Assistant Professor at University of Tokyo (Japan)
1989 Postdoctoral Researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
1991 Postdoctoral Scientist, Division of Cell Biology, Cancer Institute, JFCR (Japan)
1997 Associate Member, Division of Cell Biology, Cancer Institute, JFCR (Japan)
2001- Chief, Division of Protein Engineering, Cancer Institute, JFCR (Japan)

Area of Research



・Japanese Cancer Association
・The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
・The Japanese Biochemical Sciety


2002 Gold Medal, Tokyo Techno Forum 21
2006 Science Prize of Cancer Institute, JFCR

Research Projects

The Division of Protein Engineering has been dedicated to developing important protein-based biomaterials through the use of artificial proteins and artificial peptides. For the creation of artificial proteins, we are using our proprietary technology, MolCraft, which is a novel type of in vitro protein evolution system based on a hierarchical approach. Our goals include i) creating artificial proteins that interface between biology and the material sciences, ii) developing a novel carrier for DDS, and iii) developing novel types of nano-devices based on artificial proteins. 

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