Cancer is induced by accumulation of multiple genetic abnormalities on stem/progenitor cells that are essential for the homeostasis of organisms. Such genetic abnormalities are caused by certain carcinogenic stimuli and overt cancer develops through the multi-step process. Therefore it is important to understand the molecular mechanism of the carcinogenic process at each step. Our research is focused on hematological and mesenchymal malignancies, and oncogenic transcription factors including homeodomain proteins and chimeric transcription factors. Insertional mutagenesis using retroviruses and transposons, and genetically engineered mouse models facilitate the genetic approach of these studies. Our goal is to identify novel important disease genes and molecular pathways, and to develop new approaches for cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.


  1. Analysis of the carcinogenic mechanism using mutagenesis
  2. Functional analysis of homeodomain proteins
  3. Functional analysis of chimeric genes in development of mesenchymal tumor and leukemia



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