Pathology Project for Molecular Targets

Update : 2023-06-02


Through the Microscope to Bench and Bed

Our project aims to investigate human cancers and the 4 Ds: Discovery of Diseases and Development of Diagnostics. We preferentially deal with research subjects that will lead to the development of novel therapeutics. We examine topics that will stimulate new developments in the fields of basic research and clinical medicine through the microscope (with morphology-based methods).

To doctors and medical researchers, every patient is a teacher, and every clinical sample is a valuable teaching material. Novel and practical findings that can be used to help patients wait to be discovered within patients themselves. We do research not for the sake of research itself but for patients.


  1. Hematopathology
  2. Project Fusion



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Kengo Takeuchi (Project Leader)
3-8-31 Ariake, Koto, Tokyo 135-8550, JAPAN

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