Update : 2023-06-05


Department of Pathology performs research mainly on diagnosis and cancer prevention as well as make expert diagnosis for Cancer Institute Hospital. We are actively involved in the Ganken Genome Project to establish more exact pathological criteria for chemo- and radio-therapy and to advance the diagnostics of therapy effectiveness in several organ sites. Further, we are contributing to decision-making for best post-operational therapies by diagnosing more precisely surgical margins of surgical/endoscopical materials. Also, we reveal nature and malignant potential of tumors by analysis and long-term forllowup of precancerous lesions and early cancers.


  1. Histological criteria for effectiveness of chemo- and radio-therapy for gastrointestinal tumors
  2. Study of premalignant and in-situ carcinoma for Bile-duct and pancreas group
  3. Histopathological study towardsselection of treatment modalitiesand outcome prediction in head and neck cancer
  4. Studies by Breast Group
  5. Hepatocarcinogenesis using experimental liver cancer models
  6. Pathological studies for gynecological malignancies
  7. Diagnostic and etiologic studies for lung cancers
  8. Clinicopathological studies with aids of chromosome analysis for genitourinary cancers
  9. Pathological and molecular studies for bone and soft tissue tumors
  10. Pathological and molecular studies for hematological neoplasms




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