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Physician Referral

Before your referral, please read the followings.


If the patient is a Japanese speaker,

please tick “Japanese” box in the language field of the application form. If the patient should need the translation service, please let us know.

If the patient is a English speaker,

we provide English–Japanese interpretation and translation service. When you fill in the application form, please tick “English” box in the language field so that we could prepare.

If the patient speaks the language other than Japanese or English,

we ask the patient to bring the interpreter. When you fill in the application form, please tick “Other” box and specify the patient’s language in the language field.

If it is difficult for the patient to find the interpreter, please let us know before the first visit. We will introduce the interpretation / translation firms.

Please note we need the interpreter all the time while the patient is in the hospital (every outpatient visit and 24h during the hospitalization) for the patient safety. If the interpreter should need to go out from the patient room, hands-free-phone is available for telephone-interpretation.

Medical Records

With your referral, please submit the related medical records in English or Japanese. For the detail of what you need to submit, please check the link for the medical records list.


Please note that we do not hold either Department of Pediatrics or Department of Brain Surgery at our hospital. For other departments, please see Clinics & Departments.

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