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Hospital Ethos・Basic Policies

Update : 2017-08-29

Hospital Ethos / Basic Policies

We set Mission, Core Values and Vision as hospital ethos and basic policies aiming to be the ideal hospital specialized in cancer treatment and torchbearer for the future.

Based on these Ethos and basic policies, we provide the best treatment and health care service in a gentle and sincere manner and with dignity of patient rights.

Hospital Ethos


Aiming to Improve the Well-being of People Everywhere by Achieving Better Cancer Control

Core Values

Creativity, Quality, Sincerity, Cooperation


Become a World-Leading Hospital in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Basic Policies

  1. Strive to develop new cancer treatments.
  2. Provide safe and high-quality cancer treatment.
  3. Conduct cancer treatment in kind and gentle ways with consideration for the patient.
  4. Perform multi-disciplinary treatment based on individual organ specific diagnosis.
  5. Strive to foster medical personnel with strong sense of humanity.

Hospital Rules

The Cancer Institute Hospital is dedicated to providing a safe environment to those who use our facilities and services, conducting our operations in an efficient manner, and practicing appropriate medicine. To ensure that we fulfill these obligations, we may refuse the use of our facilities and services to visitors who are found to have broken any of the rules listed below. We may also alert the authorities if the situation requires. Please note that we have installed surveillance cameras in operating rooms, ICU, and high care rooms in the hospital ward to ensure the safety of our patients.

  1. Do not physically or verbally attack, threaten, extort, sexually harass, stalk, or perform any other disruptive or criminal act towards hospital staff and visitors, including other patients and their family members.
  2. Do not disrupt the hospital’s operations by repeatedly making difficult demands in defiance of explanations, orders, and warnings given by hospital staff.
  3. Do not smoke (including e-cigarettes) or drink alcohol on the hospital premises.
  4. Do not deliberately damage any of the hospital’s assets, including equipment and building features. Those who disobey this rule will be required to pay for damages.
  5. Do not enter the hospital or its premises without appointment (e.g. for treatment or to visit a patient). Do not bring any hazardous items that are not required for the appointment.
  6. Do not enter areas labeled “Staff Only” without permission.

Hospital Director, Cancer Institute Hospital

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