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Cancer Screening Center

About the Cancer Screening Center

The mission of the Cancer Screening Center of the Cancer Institute Hospital is to protect people from cancer by early detection and prevention of cancer. For this purpose, the examination menu of our center does not simply check overall health status, but focuses on the early detection of cancer, particularly gastrointestinal, lung, uterine, and breast cancers.

If detected early, cancer can be cured completely in most cases. We recommend to start undergoing cancer screening regularly when you have no subjective symptoms.

Characteristics of the Cancer Screening Center

Highly Accurate and Reliable Examination

Examination is performed using the latest devices by skillful staff. PET-CT, helical CT, and endoscopy by physicians with much experience enable the detection of early cancer, which was conventionally difficult to detect. In addition, Low-Dose CT with high-performance images was introduced to minimize radiation exposure of examinees.

Cooperation with the Cancer Institute Hospital

After cancer screening, examinees who are suspected or found to have cancer can receive detailed examination and treatment in the Cancer Institute Hospital. Because information about the examination results is shared between the Cancer Screening Center and the hospital, examinees can smoothly receive examination and treatment.

See the following links for details of the cancer screening menu and application.

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