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Guidance for Hospitalization

Update : 2016-01-15

Before your Hospitalization | Procedures on the First Day of Hospitalization | Hospitalization Fee | After Your Hospitalization

Before your Hospitalization


Once you are advised hospitalization by your doctor, please contact the staff of International Patient Service Team (IPST) for your reservation.

Tel: +81-3-3570-0383

The staffs of IPST will help with your admission process and call/email you when your admission date is fixed.

Items to be Prepared for the Hospitalization

Bedclothes are available at the hospital. Please prepare following items.

  • Personal Seal (If you have)
  • Insurance Proofs for Medical Treatment [e.g. Japanese National Health Insurance] (If you have)
  • Writing Materials
  • Patient ID Card
  • Admission Certificate and Interview Sheet for Hospitalization
  • Consent Form for Hospitalization
  • Medicine Currently being Taken
  • Undergarments, Pajamas, Dressing Gowns or Toilet Set*
  • Towel, Bath Towel, and Tissue Paper
  • Chopsticks, Spoon, and Cup
  • Footwear with rubber outsoles

*We lend out pajamas and gowns as a fee based service.

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Procedures on the First Day of Hospitalization

  1. Go to admission reception desk at the notified time and date.
  2. If you have an appointment with the IPST staff, ask the receptionist to call us.
  3. Submit required documents and Japanese national health insurance card (if you have one).
  4. After completing your admission process, go to the ward where you will be staying.
  5. Submit your patient ID card and requested documents to the nurse station.

For the details of your life during the hospitalization, please check Your Days during Hospitalization.

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Hospitalization Fee

Patients Who DO NOT Have Japanese National Health Insurance

We will give you an estimate for the hospitalization when your admission schedule is settled.

Once you receive the estimate, please pay a deposit BEFORE your hospitalization through bank transfer or by cash.

On the day of your discharge, we will refund a balance or request the additional fees based on your treatments.

For more details for the payment, please visit Billing and Insurance page.

Patients Who Have Japanese National Health Insurance

We will give you the bill once a month and on the day of your discharge. Please make the payment at one of the following places on the 1st floor at the hospital. (Monday-Friday, except for National Holidays)

  • Automatic Disbursement Machine across from the Reception Counter 8:30~18:00
  • Payment Counter (No.4) 8:30~17:00

*We accept the payment by cash (JPY), debit card (Japanese bank only) and credit card (VISA, Master, UC, JCB, Diners Club, and American Express).

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After Your Hospitalization

Your Next Consultation Appointment

Before your discharge, the doctor will schedule your next consultation appointment for follow-up.

Data Request


Upon your request, doctor will provide the reports of your medical condition. If you want them to be written in English, the IPST staff will translate them within a couple of weeks. We will send you the translated documents via email/air mail.

For your private insurance claim, doctor can provide the signature to authorize your medical condition. If you want to request it, please contact the IPST. Please note that it is your responsibility to coordinate billing and payment information with the insurance company if your payment is covered by your private insurance. For more details of your billing and insurance, please visit our Billing and Insurance page.

Diagnostic Imaging Data

Upon your request, the diagnostic imaging data can be provided in a CD-R. Please consult your doctor or contact IPST for further information.

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