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Original articles


K. Iwai, T. Minamisawa, K. Suga, Y. Yajima and K. Shiba.
Isolation of human salivary extracellular vesicles by iodixanol density gradient ultracentrifugation and their characterizations.
Journal of extracellular vesicles, 5, 30829 (2016)

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S. Sato, M. Ikemi, T. Kikuchi, S. Matsumura, K. Shiba and M. Fujita.
Bridging Adhesion of a Protein onto an Inorganic Surface Using Self-Assembled Dual-Functionalized Spheres.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137, 12890-6 (2015)
M. Yudasaka, M. Zhang, S. Matsumura, R. Yuge, T. Ichihashi, H. Irie, K. Shiba and S. Iijima.
Not nanocarbon but dispersant induced abnormality in lysosome in macrophages in vivo.
Nanotechnology, 26, 195102 (2015)



Matsumura, S., Yuge, R., Sato, S., Tomida, A., Ichihashi, T., Irie, H., Iijima, S., Shiba, K., Yudasaka, M.
Ultrastructural localization of intravenously injected carbon nanohorns in tumor.
Int J Nanomedicine, 9, 3499-3508 (2014)
Chowdhury, M.M., Danoy, M., Rahman, F., Shinohara, M., Kaneda, S., Shiba, K., Fujita, N., Fujii, T., Sakai, Y.
Adhesion of pancreatic cancer cells in a liver-microvasculature mimicking coculture correlates with their propensity to form liver-specific metastasis in vivo.
Biomed Res Int, 2014, 241571 (2014)
Ito, M., Hayashi, K., Adachi, E., Minamisawa, T., Homma, S., Koido, S., Shiba, K.
Combinatorial contextualization of peptidic epitopes for enhanced cellular immunity.
PLoS One, 9, e110425 (2014)
Miyata, K., Takagi, S., Sato, S., Morioka, H., Shiba, K., Minamisawa, T., Takami, M., Fujita, N.
Suppression of Aggrus/podoplanin-induced platelet aggregation and pulmonary metastasis by a single-chain antibody variable region fragment.
Cancer Med, 3, 1595-1604 (2014)



Sano, K.I., Miura, A., Yoshii, S., Okuda, M., Fukuta, M., Uraoka, Y., Fuyuki, T., Yamashita, I., Shiba, K.
Nonvolatile flash memory based on biologically integrated hierarchical nanostructures.
Langmuir, 29, 12483-12489 (2013)
Yuasa, K., Kokubu, E., Kokubun, K., Matsuzaka, K., Shiba, K., Kashiwagi, K., Inoue, T.
An artificial fusion protein between bone morphogenetic protein 2 and titanium-binding peptide is functional in vivo.
J Biomed Mater Res A, 102, 1180-1186 (2013)



Kobayashi, M., Tomita, S., Sawada, K., Shiba, K., Yanagi, H., Yamashita, I., Uraoka, Y.
Chiral meta-molecules consisting of gold nanoparticles and genetically engineered tobacco mosaic virus.
Opt Express, 20, 24856-24863 (2012)



Hashimoto, K., Yoshinari, M., Matsuzaka, K., Shiba, K., Inoue, T.
Identification of peptide motif that binds to the surface of zirconia.
Dent Mater J, 30, 935-940 (2011)
Inoue, I., Zheng, B., Watanabe, K., Ishikawa, Y., Shiba, K., Yasueda, H., Uraoka, Y., Yamashita, I.
A novel bifunctional protein supramolecule for construction of carbon nanotube-titanium hybrid material.
Chem Commun (Camb), 47, 12649-12651 (2011)
Kasai, T., Matsumura, S., Iizuka, T., Shiba, K., Kanamori, T., Yudasaka, M., Iijima, S., Yokoyama, A.
Carbon nanohorns accelerate bone regeneration in rat calvarial bone defect.
Nanotechnology, 22, 065102 (2011)
Matsumura, S., Aoki, I., Saga, T., Shiba, K.
A tumor-environment-responsive nanocarrier that evolves its surface properties upon sensing matrix metalloproteinase-2 and initiates agglomeration to enhance T2 relaxivity for magnetic resonance imaging.
Mol Pharm, 8, 1970-1974 (2011)
Murakami, T., Kashiwagi, K., Shiba, K.
Creation of novel signalling modulators from existing cytokine using scanning motif-programming.
Chem Commun (Camb), 47, 9357-9359 (2011)
Tsuji, T., Onuma, K., Yamamoto, A., Iijima, M., Shiba, K.
Physicochemical properties of artificial proteins that accelerate nucleation of crystalline calcium phosphate.
J Cryst Growth, 314, 190-195 (2011)

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Ikemi, M., Kikuchi, T., Matsumura, S., Shiba, K., Sato, S., Fujita, M.
Peptide-coated, self-assembled M12L24 coordination spheres and their immobilization onto an inorganic surface.
Chemical Science, 1, 68-71 (2010)
Sano, K., Minamisawa, T., Shiba, K.
Autonomous silica encapsulation and sustained release of anticancer protein.
Langmuir, 26, 2231-2234 (2010)
Shiba, K.
Exploitation of peptide motif sequences and their use in nanobiotechnology.
Curr Opin Biotechnol, 21, 412-425 (2010)
Shiba, K.
Natural and artificial peptide motifs: their origins and the application of motif-programming.
Chem Soc Rev, 39, 117-126 (2010)
Tsuji, T., Oaki, Y., Yoshinari, M., Kato, T., Shiba, K.
Motif-programmed artificial proteins mediated nucleation of octacalcium phosphate on titanium substrates.
Chem Commun (Camb), 46, 6675-6677 (2010)

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Chirila, T.V., Minamisawa, T., Keen, I., Shiba, K.
Effect of motif-programmed artificial proteins on the calcium uptake in a synthetic hydrogel.
Macromol Biosci, 9, 959-967 (2009)
Hayashi, T., Sano, K., Shiba, K., Iwahori, K., Yamashita, I., Hara, M.
Critical amino acid residues for the specific binding of the ti-recognizing recombinant ferritin with oxide surfaces of titanium and silicon.
Langmuir, 25, 10901-10906 (2009)
Kashiwagi, K., Tsuji, T., Shiba, K.
Directional BMP-2 for functionalization of titanium surfaces.
Biomaterials, 30, 1166-1175 (2009)
Matsukawa, N., Nishio, K., Sano, K., Shiba, K., Yamashita, I.
Hexagonal close-packed array formed by selective adsorption onto hexagonal patterns.
Langmuir, 25, 3327-3330 (2009)
Matsumura, S., Sato, S., Yudasaka, M., Tomida, A., Tsuruo, T., Iijima, S., Shiba, K.
Prevention of carbon nanohorn agglomeration using a conjugate composed of comb-shaped polyethylene glycol and a peptide aptamer.
Mol Pharm, 6, 441-447 (2009)
Miyawaki, J., Matsumura, S., Yuge, R., Murakami, T., Sato, S., Tomida, A., Tsuruo, T., Ichihashi, T., Fujinami, T., Irie, H., Tsuchida, K., Iijima, S., Shiba, K., Yudasaka, M.
Biodistribution and ultrastructural localization of single-walled carbon nanohorns determined in vivo with embedded Gd2O3 labels.
ACS Nano, 3, 1399-1406 (2009)
Patwardhan, P., Shiba, K., Gordon, C., Craddock, B.P., Tamiko, M., Miller, W.T.
Synthesis of functional signaling domains by combinatorial polymerization of phosphorylation motifs.
ACS Chem Biol, 4, 751-758 (2009)
Yoshinari, M., Kato, T., Matsuzaka, K., Hyakawa, T., Shiba, K.
Prevention of biofilm formation on titanium surfaces modified with conjugated molecules comprised of antimicrobial and titanium-binding peptides.
Biofouling, 26, 103-110 (2009)

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Ikezoe, Y., Kumashiro, Y., Tamada, K., Matsui, T., Yamashita, I., Shiba, K., Hara, M.
Growth of giant two-dimensional crystal of protein molecules from a three-phase contact line.
Langmuir, 24, 12836-12841 (2008)
Ishikawa, K., Yamada, K., Kumagai, S., Sano, K., Shiba, K., Yamashita, I., Kobayashi, M.
Adsorption properties of a gold-binding peptide assessed by its attachment to a recombinant apoferritin molecule.
Applied Physics Express, 1, 034006 (2008)
Kokubun, K., Kashiwagi, K., Yoshinari, M., Inoue, T., Shiba, K.
Motif-programmed artificial extracellular matrix.
Biomacromolecules, 9, 3098-3105 (2008)
Saito, H., Minamisawa, T., Yamori, T., Shiba, K.
Motif-programmed artificial protein induces apoptosis in several cancer cells by disrupting mitochondria.
Cancer Sci, 99, 398-406 (2008)
Sano, K., Shiba, K.
Stepwise accumulation of layers of aptamer-ornamented ferritins using biomimetic Layer-By-Layer.
J Mater Res, 23, 3236-3240 (2008)
Tsuji, T., Onuma, K., Yamamoto, A., Iijima, M., Shiba, K.
Direct transformation from amorphous to crystalline calcium phosphate facilitated by motif-programmed artificial proteins.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 105, 16866-16870 (2008)

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Kulp, J.L., III, Minamisawa, T., Shiba, K., Tejani, M., Evans, J.S.
Structural properties of an artificial protein that regulates the nucleation of inorganic and organic crystals.
Langmuir, 23, 3857-3863 (2007)
Matsui, T., Matsukawa, N., Iwahori, K., Sano, K., Shiba, K., Yamashita, I.
Direct production of a two-dimensional ordered array of ferritin-nanoparticles on a silicon substrate.
Jpn J Appl Phys, 46, L713-L715 (2007)
Matsui, T., Matsukawa, N., Iwahori, K., Sano, K., Shiba, K., Yamashita, I.
Realizing a two-dimensional ordered array of ferritin molecules directly on a solid surface utilizing carbonaceous material affinity peptides.
Langmuir, 23, 1615-1618 (2007)
Matsumura, S., Ajima, K., Yudasaka, M., Iijima, S., Shiba, K.
Dispersion of cisplatin-loaded carbon nanohorns with a conjugate comprised of an artificial peptide aptamer and polyethylene glycol.
Mol Pharm, 4, 723-729 (2007)
Saito, H., Kashida, S., Inoue, T., Shiba, K.
The role of peptide motifs in the evolution of a protein network.
Nucleic Acids Res, 35, 6357-6366 (2007)
Saito, H., Minamisawa, T., Shiba, K.
Motif programming: a microgene-based method for creating synthetic proteins containing multiple functional motifs.
Nucleic Acids Res, 35, e38 (2007)
Sano, K., Sasaki, H., Shiba, K.
Conversion of a monodispersed globular protein into an amyloid-like filament by appending an artificial peptide at the N-terminal.
Protein Eng Des Sel, 20, 109-116 (2007)
Sano, K., Yoshii, S., Yamashita, I., Shiba, K.
In aqua structuralization of a three-dimensional configuration using biomolecules.
Nano Lett, 7, 3200-3202 (2007)
Shiba, K., Minamisawa, T.
A synthesis approach to understanding repeated peptides conserved in mineralization proteins.
Biomacromolecules, 8, 2659-2664 (2007)

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Hayashi, T., Sano, K., Shiba, K., Kumashiro, Y., Iwahori, K., Yamashita, I., Hara, M.
Mechanism underlying specificity of proteins targeting inorganic materials.
Nano Lett, 6, 515-519 (2006)
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Frame shuffling: a novel method for in vitro protein evolution.
Protein Eng Des Sel, 19, 135-140 (2006)
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Solubilization of single-wall carbon nanohorns using a PEG-doxorubicin conjugate.
Mol Pharm, 3, 407-414 (2006)
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Utilization of the pleiotropy of a peptidic aptamer to fabricate heterogeneous nanodot-containing multilayer nanostructures.
J Am Chem Soc, 128, 1717-1722 (2006)
Yamashita, I., Kirimura, H., Okuda, M., Nishio, K., Sano, K., Shiba, K., Hayashi, T., Hara, M., Mishima, Y.
Selective nanoscale positioning of ferritin and nanoparticles by means of target-specific peptides.
Small, 2,1148-1152 (2006)

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