Cancer Systems Biology


The goal of research in Cancer Systems Biology is to establish foundation of novel cancer therapeutic paradigm based on robustness-based approach. We consider cancer as robust system. Robustness is a system-level property that enable organism to maintain its functions despite internal nad external perturbations. At the same time, robust systems inevitably entail extreme fragility against unexpected perturbation. Our aim is to exploit such characteristics of biological systems to explore novel therapeutic strategies. Currently, our research focus on understanding robustness trade-offs at cellular level using yeast, and investigating how to systematically design multi-components multi-targets drugs that is expected to be the basis of "System Drug".Original Web SiteNew Window


  1. Theory of Cancer Robustness
  2. Experimental studies on robustness in yeast
  3. Drug target identification system using budding yeast
  4. Computational modeling of cancer drug responses



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