1. Theory of Cancer Robustness
  2. Experimental studies on robustness in yeast
  3. Drug target identification system using budding yeast
  4. Computational modeling of cancer drug responses

Experimental studies on robustness in yeast

Understanding how cells respond to perturbations of environment and gene expressions is critically important for proper identification of possible drug targets and therapeutic strategy decision. We have developed and experimental method "genetic Tug-of-War (gTOW)" to quantitatively measure upper bound of gene dosage while maintaining cellular functions. The method is currently well established for budding yeast and fission yeast. We use yeast as it is the most well understood eukaryotic cell. The research is underway to comprehensive measure how yeast cell responds to various perturbations, and make use of such data to understand how to control cellular proliferation that is highly relevant to cancer drug design.

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