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Visit to Cancer Institute Hospital

Update : 2016-01-14

First Visit –what to expect on your first day

Our International Patient Service Team (IPST) staff can help your registration if you need assistance. Please make an appointment with a staff in advance by email or telephone.

Tel: +81-3-3570-0383


Please enter Cancer Institute Hospital from the main entrance.

You will meet a staff in the main lobby, 1st floor at the check-in time. Please have a receptionist call for an IPST staff upon your arrival if you have requested for our assistance in advance. Otherwise, please follow the process explained below.

  • Check-in at No.1 reception counter in the main lobby, 1st floor. Please make sure to provide your local address, telephone number, and insurance information.
  • Complete the health questionnaires and the Consent Form for the receipt of treatment you will be given. In the health questionnaires, please provide you and your family's medical health history, and all medicines you are currently taking, including aspirin products and dietary supplements. Please turn all the reports and CDs in to the receptionist, so they could scan the data into the electrical medical record.
  • After the registration, you will be given a patient ID card, a beeper, the floor map, and the medical information you brought. Please go to instructed reception desk of each department, and turn them in.
  • You will have a consultation with a doctor, and medical examinations, if scheduled.
  • After the consultation and examinations, please make the payment and return your beeper at the No.4 counter of cashier in the main lobby, 1st floor.

To learn more about what you can expect during your hospital visit, please feel free to contact us :

Treatment and Follow-ups

Your treatment plan and follow-up appointments will be arranged by the doctor based on your understanding and agreement. Please consult your doctor if you have any concern for the schedule.

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