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Medical Oncology

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Our Treatments

In the Department of Medical Oncology, medical oncologists provide medical care, including the advice and control on chemotherapy. We treat the following diseases (breast and gastrointestinal cancer are treated at centers specializing in these organs).

  1. Cancer of unknown primary
  2. Head and neck cancer
    Concurrent radiotherapy and chemotherapy, postoperative chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapy/chemotherapy for metastases
  3. Sarcoma
    Molecular targeted therapy/chemotherapy in inoperable cases
  4. Implementation of new clinical trials (Phase I trials)

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Features of the Department

  • Focus on outpatient chemotherapy considering the quality of life of patients
  • Intensive medical care in which outpatient and inpatient physicians are completely separated
  • Regularly held inpatient case conferences (twice a week)
  • Conferences (for each organ) by surgeons, medical oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, nurses, and medical technologists, to determine treatment plan

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