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Our Treatments

The Sarcoma Center is the first department providing diagnosis and treatment of sarcomas in Japan, established in 2012.

Sarcomas are rare malignant tumors that occur in various parts of the body. To diagnose and treat this difficult disease, we have a system to provide the best treatment for each patient. In particular, we cooperate closely with various departments, such as Surgical Oncology, Chemotherapy, Diagnostic Imaging, Pathology, Cytology, and Genetic Diagnosis.

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Features of the Center

Sarcoma Conference

We hold regular sarcoma conferences twice a month (and additional one for the urgent case) to smoothly perform diagnosis and treatment of sarcomas. An in-hospital registry of sarcoma cases is conducted in sarcoma conferences. Sarcoma conferences also play an important role in the coordination among departments, since sarcomas are often diagnosed and treated in multiple departments.

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