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Our Treatments

The Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reconstructs body parts lost by resection of various tumors as normally as possible with plastic surgical procedures. In particular, we perform simultaneous breast reconstruction for patients who have lost their breasts through resection of breast cancer in cooperation with the Department of Breast Surgical Oncology.

We ask patients who wish to undergo breast reconstruction (including those who have already lost their breasts) to first visit the breast outpatient clinic of our hospital.

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Features of the Department

Cooperation with Other Departments

We cooperate with all other surgical departments treating the patients in need of the repair of defects caused by tumor resection.

Treatment Aiming at Functional Reconstruction

In the limbs, head and neck surgery, tumor removal often lead the loss of body parts such as skin or bone. If nerves or muscles are included in the area of tumor resection, not only body parts but also important body functions will be lost, greatly impeding activities of daily living.

We restore body parts with advanced treatment techniques as tumor resection immediately, whenever possible, according to the condition of each patient. Furthermore, we perform functional reconstruction using advanced methods such as nerve graft and muscle transfer.

Surgical Correction

We actively perform surgery to correct various scars and scar contractures that occur after tumor resection.

Breast Reconstruction

One of the prominent parts of our department is the quality of breast reconstruction. There are two breast reconstruction procedures: implant reconstruction and autologous tissue reconstruction. We fully respect the patients’ own choice when we determine a surgical procedure. We can provide the treatment with flexibility and high-quality skills whichever type of the surgery the patient chooses.

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