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Original articles


Wang, X., Liang, S., Sun, Y., Li, J., Endo, E., Nakao, M. and Saitoh, N.* and Wu, L*.
Analysis of estrogen receptor beta gene methylation in autistic males in a Chinese Han population.
Metab Brain Dis, 2017 (in press)
Tanaka, H., Takebayashi, S., Sakamoto, A., Igata, T., Nakatsu, Y., Saitoh, N., Hino, S. and Nakao M*.
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Nakayama, T., Saitoh, N, Morotomi-Yano, K., Yano, K.I., Nakao, M, Saitoh, H*.
Nuclear extrusion precedes discharge of genomic DNA fibers during tunicamycin-induced neutrophil extracellular trap-osis (NETosis)-like cell death in cultured human leukemia cells. Cell Biol Int, 40, 597-602, 2016
Matsumoto, A., Sakamoto, C., Matsumori, H., Katahira, J., Yasuda, Y., Yoshidome, K., Tsujimoto, M., Goldberg, I. G., Matsuura, N., Nakao, M., Saitoh, N.*, Hieda, M.*
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