1. How chromosomes are assembled in mitosis?
  2. How kinetochore-microtubule attachment is controlled?
  3. How do cells induce chromosome segregation at the correct time?
  4. Mechanisms of chromosomal instability in cancer cells

How chromosomes are assembled in mitosis?

The condensation of chromatin fiber initiates in prophase, and it progressively condense to form chromosomes prior to its segregation. In parallel, sister chromatids dissolve from each other and pairs of chromosome ´arms´ become discernible. Condensin complexes, which are thought to be involved in chromosome condensation, gain association with chromosomes. By contrast, cohesin complexes, which hold sister chromatids, are removed from chromatin during chromosome assembly. We are studying how the dynamic metabolism of these chromosomal proteins is controlled to assemble chromosomes in mitosis.

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