1. Genome research for prediction systems of treatment responses to cancers
  2. Searching for cancer markers by proteome analysis

Searching for cancer markers by proteome analysis

We have been searching for new markers of cancers by proteome analyses using mass spectrometry to develop a new method for cancer diagnosis. The mass spectrometry is a device to find which measures mass of proteins by measuring the time of flight of the proteins ionized and vaporized in an evacuated tube. It is well known that Koichi Tanaka got the Novel Prize in 2002, related with the development of the device. Specifically, we have been analyzing proteins extracted from blood or cancer tissue samples. We have developed a system which visualizes small protein molecules, whose distribution in cancer tissues had not been known before. The developed system has enabled peak-detection by more than fifty-fold. We have also investigated stability of these molecules. We would like to continue the research and contribute to establish the personalized medicine.

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