1. How chromosomes are assembled in mitosis?
  2. How kinetochore-microtubule attachment is controlled?
  3. How do cells induce chromosome segregation at the correct time?
  4. Mechanisms of chromosomal instability in cancer cells

How kinetochore-microtubule attachment is controlled?

Accurate separation of sister chromatids is possible only when all the chromosomes achieve "bi-orientation", a condition where sister kinetochores of each chromosome are attached to microtubule bundles emanating from opposite spindle poles. Because microtubule attachment is principally a trial-and-error process, incorrect attachments can happen. If anaphase occurs in the presence of erroneous attachments chromosomes can be separated unequally, giving rise to the generation of aneuploid cells. In order to prevent such pathological situation, cells are equipped with at least two machineries, namely the correction mechanism and the spindle assembly checkpoint.

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