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Update : 2023-09-13

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you find below questions and answers useful. If your questions have not been answered in the FAQ, please feel free to contact International Patient Services

Q. Does Cancer Institute Hospital provide treatment for every patient who submits a complete application with all the necessary information?

A. Depending on the condition known from the medical information, we may not recommend some patients to travel all the way to Japan. In that case, we can offer a second opinion consultation with a family member or friends or in written format. If a patient becomes too weak to perform daily activities (e.g., getting up, walking and eating) because of cancer, we do not recommend him/her to travel to Japan to receive treatment at our hospital. Even if the patient in such condition visits our hospital, we may ask him/her to return home without offering any treatment.

Q. If I just want to get medical exams for screening purposes, where should I go?

A. If you have never been diagnosed with cancer, we can offer you cancer screenings at Cancer Screening Center. Our screenings include: comprehensive cancer screening combined with PET-CT, single organ screening, such as stomach cancer screening, and multiple organs screenings, female- specific cancer screening (breast and gynecological cancer).  

Q. Can I just want to get prescription and/or medication?

A. Without seeing a doctor, you cannot purchase medications for cancer treatment. Neither do we send medications overseas. In Japan, there is a limit on the amount of some medications to be prescribed at a time. Therefore, the regular follow-up visit will be necessary.

Q. I am diagnosed with cancer and currently receiving treatment. Can I still take cancer screening at Cancer Screening Center?

A. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, our Cancer Screening Center cannot offer you screening. However, Cancer Institute Hospital may be able to provide a second opinion consultation for you. During the second opinion consultation with a physician from the relevant department, you can discuss your previous treatment, current condition, and other options for future treatment. As a general rule, we do not carry out exams for those who come for a second opinion consultation. However, a physician may arrange exams if the patient and the physician has agreed to start treatment in our hospital at the consultation. 

Q. Is there any specific disease Cancer Institute Hospital DOES NOT provide treatment?

A. We do not provide treatment to some diseases. The examples of diseases that we cannot provide care are:

  • Brain tumor
  • Heart disease (Cardiovascular disease)
  • Pediatric cancer (Orthopedic procedures are available)
  • Acute myeloid leukemia

For more information, please contact International Patient Services  

Q. Is there any specific treatment Cancer Institute Hospital DOES NOT offer?

A. Unfortunately, there are some types of treatment that we cannot offer at our hospital. The examples of treatment that are not provided at our hospital are:

  • Heavy ion radiotherapy, Proton therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Kidney dialysis treatment
  • Organ transplant
  • Bone-marrow transplant (Allogeneic transplant)

For more information, please contact International Patient Services  

Q. What should I do if I want to have children in the future?

Please contact a specialized medical institute near your home and have a consultation with specialists to discuss fertility preservation options (e.g., storing eggs or sperms) BEFORE starting your treatment. If you are traveling to Japan for treatment, we strongly recommend you to do so in your home country. Male patients who want children should also talk to a physician about their concerns.

Q. I am a woman and not comfortable with male doctors. Can I request to be seen by a female doctor?

A. Some female patients request a female physician, but, unfortunately, we are not always able to meet this request. If you are extremely uncomfortable with having a male physician due to religious reasons, please inform International Patient Services when you apply for the consultation.

Q. I may be pregnant, but I'm not sure. Can my doctor at Cancer Institute Hospital give me pregnancy test?

A. We provide exams for cancer treatment but NO pregnancy tests. Please notify your physician if you suspect that you may be pregnant. We ask you to use birth control if you are planning to receive cancer treatment.

Q. I have special dietary requirments (e.g., religious/cultural/personal belief, food allergy). Will Cancer Institute Hospital be able to accommodate my needs?

A. We will make every effort to ensure each patient's religious, cultural and/or personal dietary needs are met (e.g., meals for vegetarians, meals without pork). For Muslim patients, we can provide meals which do not contain alcohol or pork meat. We can also prepare meals that are made with fish, eggs, milk, soy products, vegetables, and fruits. Please note that we cannot prepare these meals in a facility separated from where alcohol or pork meat being handled. Please inform International Patient Services of your special needs before admission.

Q. What should I do if I have specific restrictions on treatment and transfusions due to my religious, cultural and/or personal beliefs?

A.Please indicate any special restrictions that can affect your treatment in the application form, patient questionnaire and consent form before or at the first visit. Please also notify your physician at the first consultation.

Q. Can I continue my religious practices and/or spiritual rituals when I am in the hospital?

A. If you would like to request a religious service while you are at hospital, please contact International Patient Services in advance. Please refrain from having religious prayer in hospital hallways and/or exam rooms. Patients, family members and visitors are asked to conduct all religious prayers and ceremonies inside the patient’s private room during the hospitalization.

Q. Is there access to the internet in the hospital?

A. Cancer Institute Hospital does not provide free internet access for patients. However, Tully's Coffee and Family Mart on the 1st floor offer free WiFi. If you would like to use the internet outside these, please bring your own portable WiFi router. For patients who stay in a private room on West Wing, 12th floor, free wireless internet access is available only in the ward. If you would like to use internet access outside these designated areas, please bring your own portable WiFi router.

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