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Update : 2024-02-26

First Visit - Second Opinion | Second opinion consultation for a patient | Second opinion consultation for a person who visits hospital on behalf of the patient | Second opinion in written format | Fee for a second opinion (including tax) | Required items for application

First Visit - Second Opinion

What is a second opinion?

A second opinion is an opportunity for patients to make more informed decisions about their treatment by getting medical opinions about other options aside from the ones suggested by their current physician. A physician from the appropriate department will talk with you about your current treatment (if you are receiving), current condition, and possible treatment options. If you would like to receive treatment at our hospital, you can ask the physician during the consultation. In that case, you can discuss further details of your treatmen pt lans with the physician.
Please understand that in certain circumstances, your second opinion request may be declined. For more details, please contact International Services.

Usually no medical exam will be performed during the second opinion consultation.

Second opinion consultation for a patient

For patients who live overseas and wish to receive treatment at our hospital, we usually offer the first appointment as a second opinion consultation.

Things to be discussed at the first consultation.

Second opinion consultation with a person who visits hospital on behalf of the patient

Family members and friends can also visit our hospital to obtain a second opinion on behalf of a patient who does not live in Japan. If non-family member comes to our hospital for a second opinion consultation, we ask him/her to provide a consent form signed by the patient.

If a patient lives abroad, it is recommended to have someone living in Japan visit our hospital for a second opinion consultation at first (before the patient actually travels to Japan for treatment). Also, a second opinion consultation is available for family members who want to know the patient’s condition first, before the patient knows.

Second opinion in written format

This is a second opinion service for patients who do not have family members or friends living in Japan. Based on all the provided medical information and inquiries from a patient, the director or chief physician from the appropriate department will give you medical opinions and recommendations in the form of a one-page document.

After receiving your application for a second opinion report, we will send you our bank account information. When we confirm your payment, one of our physicians will start to prepare the second opinion report. Please allow us approximately 7~10 days to complete the report.

Required items for a second opinion

Please refer to Required items for application.

Fees for a second opinion (tax included)

Consulting in person 33,000 yen / 30 minutes
for every additional 30 min. 11,000 yen ~
Second opinion in written format 110,000 yen / 1 case

Fees for pathological diagnosis

Biopsy slide (stained) 5,500 yen
Slides of resected materials (stained) 11,000 yen

We offer a re-exam of pathology slides from other hospital at your request.

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Required Items for Application

□ Application form

Application form is available online.

Please fill out all contact information for the patient and 1 other person, such as a family member or a contact person.

Medical Information

Among the following medical information, please provide ones you can prepare. Documents must be translated into either Japanese or English.

Referral letter (or a document including history of previous treatment)

Please provide us a letter or document written by a physician you are currently seeing. The letter should include your medical history and the details of your treatment.

Please provide documents or images which tell details of your condition and treatment:

  • Exam: Please provide the date, name of the exam, results, diagnosis, etc.
  • Surgery: Please provide the date, surgical procedure, pathological results, etc.
  • Chemotherapy: Please provide the duration, frequency, efficacy, type of anticancer medications you were given, etc.
  • Radiation therapy: Please provide the duration, amount, irradiated area, etc.

Diagnostic image data

Please prepare the diagnostic images of CT, MRI, PET-CT, Endoscopy (upper / lower), Ultrasonography, etc., if available. DICOM is preferred. We kindly ask you not to send us photographs of diagnostic images as they are not very sharp.
Please provide Endoscopic images IN COLOR, if possible.

Exam reports

Exam reports associated with the submitted diagnostic image data
The latest blood test results.
Screening results pertaining to your diagnosis (if any)

Pathology slides (glasses)

If you wish to have your pathology slides re-examined at our hospital, please turn them in along with the pathology report before your visit.

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