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Flowchart for Procedures

Update : 2017-10-02


Please contact us through our website, phone, or email.
Japanese, English, and Chinese languages are available.

Preparing medical information

How to contact us
Required items for application
Fees for inquiry and application


First visit

A physician from the appropriate department will talk with you.

□ Cancer treatment history
□ Current condition
□ Treatment options to consider and treatment plan
□ Treatment plan if provided at JFCR: required exams and the schedule
If you would like to know the estimated cost of treatment, please contact International Services.

First Visit


You will have exams scheduled by your physician to get an accurate diagnosis and to develop treatment plan.
The required exams may vary by the type of cancer, and it can take several days up to several weeks to receive your results.

Procedures after first consultation

Accurate diagnosis and Choosing treatment plan

You will have a consultation with your physician again. You will be explained about exam results and the accurate diagnosis. You and your family will decide on the treatment plan after being informed of the accurate diagnosis and understanding proposed treatment plans.

Procedures after first consultation

If you decide to receive treatment at JFCR

Application for Hospitalization

Please check our hospital rules.

Interpreter (24 hours a day during hospitalization)
Private room

Inpatient medical care

Multidisciplinary team care
Your primary physician will provide you with comprehensive medical care, working closely with other doctors as a team.

Request for family members and an interpreter
Support from International Services staff

Before returning to your home country

Your outpatient appointment will be scheduled in 1~3 weeks after hospital discharge, and your physician will explain the pathology results to you.

Follow-up schedule
Where you will continue your treatment in the future
Your next appointment

After returning to your home country and Follow-up

If your pathology results become available after you have already returned home, we will contact to inform you of the results.
If you have any question after returning to your home country, please contact International Services.
Many international patients visit our hospital regularly for follow-ups.